Stubbings Property Marketing and Unlatch: Revolutionising New Homes Sales Management

Stubbings Property Marketing, under the leadership of industry stalwart Helen Todd, proudly announces its strategic collaboration with Unlatch, an innovative new homes sales management system backed by AXA, designed to streamline sales processes and enhance the customer journey. With Helen Todd's extensive tenure spanning decades in the industry, this partnership marks a significant milestone in the evolution of property marketing and sales, catering to the diverse needs of developers across the spectrum, from seasoned veterans to emerging talents.

Helen Todd's illustrious career boasts a decade-long stint as the Sales Director at Linden Homes, where she honed her expertise in delivering exemplary results and upholding the highest standards of excellence. As the visionary founder of Stubbings Property Marketing, Helen has positioned the company as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the real estate sector, offering bespoke solutions tailored to meet the ever-evolving demands of the market.

At Stubbings, we recognise the multifaceted challenges developers encounter in navigating the intricacies of the sales process while upholding unwavering standards of quality and efficiency," remarks Helen Todd, Managing Director of Stubbings Property Marketing. "Our strategic alliance with Unlatch heralds a paradigm shift in how developers approach sales management, providing a comprehensive solution that empowers developers throughout the sales journey."

Unlatch, boasting an impressive clientele of over 500 developers and counting, has emerged as the preeminent platform for streamlining new homes sales. Its suite of features, including Digital Reservations, Electronic Signing and Payment, and advanced reporting capabilities, equips developers with unprecedented control and visibility throughout the sales lifecycle.

Unlatch's Sales module, the cornerstone of its offerings, is tailored to meet the unique needs of developers, ensuring seamless transactions, enhanced transparency, and accelerated revenue growth.

"When developers collaborate with Stubbings, they gain access to a holistic solution that addresses every facet of the sales journey," underscores Helen Todd. "Our partnership with Unlatch underscores our unwavering commitment to empowering developers with the requisite tools to thrive in today's fiercely competitive market."

Stubbings Property Marketing stands as a leading provider of sales and marketing services customised specifically for the new homes market. Founded by industry luminary Helen Todd, Stubbings offers a comprehensive suite of services, including development appraisals, project management, branding consultation, sales, and staff training, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

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Unlatch is a pioneering prop-tech company, dedicated to revolutionising the property development industry through cutting-edge technology and unparalleled innovation. With a suite of advanced solutions, Unlatch empowers developers to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency,create transparency between all stakeholders, and elevate the customer experience.

Backed by AXA, and operating across 8 countries, Unlatch is at the forefront of digital transformation in the real estate industry.