Digging Deeper

At Stubbings we know the property market inside out.

In an ever changing market, getting access to up to date information and advice, which can guide you on the potential of any scheme, is vital to maximising its future success. Our dedicated market research team can offer a full range of services to help you with any element of a scheme or site purchase.

We will always take the time to physically visit the site in question, as we feel this is the only way to build a true picture of the market on a micro level. This coupled with our strong network of agents and contacts allows us to tap into local knowledge and really get under the skin of what’s happening on the ground, while our dedicated, market research database means we have access to 1000s of market comparables, at our fingertips.

Whatever your potential project, we can conduct a full market analysis. Handpick from our extensive range of services the elements that are relevant for your business and we will create a bespoke report that is carefully tailored just for you. We aren’t restricted to delivering our reports in a predefined template or format – so we can deliver a report to meet your specific requirements.

Alison Deakin, Sales Director,
CALA Homes
The team at Stubbings is a great choice if you are looking for a thorough, in-depth and reliable market research report for a potential new development. We know we can place total confidence in the information they provide and I am always impressed by the level of detail and insight which they deliver.
Nick Laugharne, Land Director,
Linden Homes Chiltern
Having worked with Stubbings for several years, I have always found their reports to be thorough, diligently prepared and well presented.